Associate Members

Ulrike Kubatta
Ulrike Kubatta is an award-winning writer, director and producer of documentary films with a wealth of professional experience in film production and higher education. She is an Associate Professor at DeMontfort University and the Director of The DocHub@DMU. As a lecturer, course leader and independent media consultant, she has contributed her academic, managerial and curriculum development skills to a variety of Bachelor and Master Programmes in digital film production in the UK and USA.
Dr Thom Corah
Thom is a senior lecturer within the Leicester Media School, teaching undergraduates and postgraduates across a range of subjects including web development, multimedia, and audio production. Thoms primary areas of interest lie in mobile technology and methods of intuitive interaction. He also runs the BSc Audio and Recording technology programme. He is currently pursuing a PhD investigating the use and impact of binaural audio and smartphones to deliver an interactive audio display.
Martin Richardson
Professor Martin Richardson is the head and principle researcher of the Imaging and Displays Research Group (IDRG). He is regarded as an imaging pioneer, creating holograms of many famous people . His work with rock star David Bowie, for a project using 3-D promotional material for the album ‘Hours’, is well known, and his holograms of people are exhibited around the world.
Tove Dalenius
Tove Dalenius is investigating holographic data visualization of computational fluid dynamics. She carries out research activities with DeMontfort University’s Imaging and Display Research Group (IDRG) exploring the attest 3D stereoscopic video cameras, postproduction setups and display technologies. Her interests are in technologies and developments in editing and imaging technologies.
Teodora Kuzmanova
Teodora is a professional artist designer, technologist and expert user of a wide range of software applications for both 2D and 3D design and development. Her practical work on projects covers the areas of 3D modelling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging, CG lighting and animation, holography and 3D imaging and displays, digital media design and creation of visual effects.
Ross Clement
Ross is a senior lecturer in technology at DeMontfort University. His research interests and expertise lie in the application of computational, including artificial intelligence techniques to media. In particular, Machine learning techniques for automatic musical synthesiser programming.
David Hughes
David is a practitioner and researcher working as a technical instructor for performing arts at De Montfort University
Chris Wright
Chris is the co-ordinator of the Leicester media school drawing centre (LMSDC)- The Centre for Developing Visual Communications. The LMSDC aims to provide students with extracurricular pastoral support for the visual communications industries. It is a drawing school for developing artists and designers to have a creative forum and discourse.
Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri
Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri is an award-winning computer artist, designer, researcher, writer and curator with a special interest in the relationships between art, design, digital media, gamification, and technology, whose expertise lies in the development of creative coding and its exchanges with philosophical questions.
John Coster
John is a lecturer in technology at DeMontfort University. He is a freelance journalist, educator and documentarian teaching in social media, community media and documentary media.
Jethro Shell
Jethro’s PhD was focused on sparse data environments where the ability to gain labelled data is initially either extremely difficult or impossible. To address these issues he constructed a framework that combined a fuzzy logic representation of the data with a transductive transfer learning approach. The research interests of Dr Shell are focused around the application of Computational intelligence, computer game AI, Transfer learning, dynamic content generation, Media applications, VR.
Earnest Edmonds
Ernest Edmonds is a pioneer computer artist and HCI innovator for whom combing creative arts practice with creative technologies has been a life-long pursuit. His research interests and expertise encompass Interactive Art, Systems Art, Human-Computer Interaction, Practice-Based Research.
Rhys Davies
Rhys is a midlands based film director and digital producer with experience of shorts, features, documentaries, interactive installations and online content creation. He is experienced in producing, directing, first, second or third AD and production management. He is the creator of arts collective None of The Above, which develop projects covering digital and physical media.
Sean Clark
Sean is an artist and curator, the director of Leicester arts company Interact Digital Arts, and the founder of wed/ mobile developer Cuttlefish Multimedia. He is interested in mobile multimedia, collaborative computing and the internet of things. In his artwork, he is inspired by systems theory, the nature of interactivity and creative explorations of flow and connectedness.
Ben Archer
Ben Archer is programme leader for the applied media programme, Communication Arts BA (Hons) and also teaches on the Media Production BSc (Hons) within the Leicester media school. He has worked as a graphic designer and academic in NZ and the UK for most of his life; successfully combining visual communications studio practice with contextual and critical studies at all levels. His interests include community media, visual communication, design activism, videography, animation, holography.
Dave Everitt
Dave’s principal interests cover the implications of the interdisciplinary sciences for artists and creators, programming culture and web technologies. He has delivered seminars on the arts and technology, and on emerging technology to a variety of organisations .Dave is a founding partner of media and information design consultancy Eco Consulting Partnership (Est 1992), and has been an advisor to Arts Council England on wed technologies and the impact of emerging technology on the arts.
Duska Rosenberg
Duska is the director of ICOM (information, computing, communication), a not-for-profit organisation that takes scientific research closer to those who can benefit from it. With extensive expertise and experience in manufacturing, construction, urban design, management, education, computer science, augmented and virtual reality, interactive and smart technologies, friends of ICOM bring together knowledge and skills needed to ensure widespread adoption of emerging technologies.
Fania Raczinski
Fania graduated in 2007 with a first in a BSc in Computer Science. She is interested in using Haskell, and as her major project, she centred on using the programming language to write a Sudoku solver, comparing it to the performance of a SAT (Boolean Satisfiability) Solver.
Gillian McFarland
Gillian is an arts practitioner with interests in fine art painting and art therapy, and is currently engaged in a six month artist residency with DeMontfort University.
Dr Suha Omar
Suha’s research interests focus on interrelated areas of marketing and the emergence of new technologies and its implications for marketing managers.
Dr Hossein Malekmohamadi
Hossein is a lecturer in games programming at DeMontfort University. His interests and expertise lie in pattern recognition, computer vision, computer graphics, image processing, multimedia signal processing, smart systems and quality of experience (QoE).
Dr Amy Takhar
Amy has worked across different sectors including higher education, and the private sector. Her research interests focus around how ethnic communities and individuals reflect on identity and construct identity based on local and global consumer cultures. She also looks at innovative qualitative multi-method research design, using data analysis software such as SPSS and NVivo.
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