The Creative AI Research Group conducts artistic, scientific and practice-based investigations into state-of-the-art intelligent systems that co-create in real-time with humans.



Creative AI includes practices that are self-defined as such, and therefore have AI embedded into the process of creation, but also encompasses novel AI approaches in the realisation and experience of such work.


Our current and recent research includes areas such as

- robotic performance

- distributed AI artworks across locations,

- artificial musicians,

- interactive theatre,

- mixed reality gaming,

- AI poetry and journalist bots. 


Our focus is on making humans more creative through the design, development and deployment of Creative AI. We aim for a symbiotic future, where artists and Creative AI work together as a continuous system of interactive relations.


Our research is based on a Human-Centred approach that is a) is able to understand humans, b) help humans understand them, c) co-creates within a given context. We believe that one of the key points to building the next generation of Creative AI systems is to prioritise co-operative and embodied AI in a shared creative enterprise. To achieve this, we utilise cutting edge Machine and Deep Learning technologies with unique Creative AI datasets combined with Human-Centered AI systems. 


The group is hosted at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, and is led by Professor Craig Vear and Dr Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri. Both are recognised international researchers in the field, with more than 15 years of experience in building prototypes and in conducting research and research supervision in the field of creative robotics, performance, image generation and music, employing Creative AI principles.


Prof Vear:

Dr Poltronieri:















Research Fellows


Prof. Ernest Edmonds (computational art) - senior fellow


Dr. Jethro Shell (gaming AI)


Dr. Hossein Malekmohamadi (computer vision and ML)




External Fellows


Prof. Lucia Santaella (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo)


Dr. Simon Hutchinson (University of New Haven)


Dr. Paul Turowski (Liverpool University)




PhD Researchers


James Cull (Creative AI directors and mixed reality performance)


Oliver Lerone Schultz (Heterocene Vision. Mapping, Photography and Lifescapes in the Anthropocene)


Sean Clark (Systems Theory and Digital Arts)





Prof. Craig Vear


Dr. Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri