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CTx Creative Technologies Innovation through Doctoral Practice


Doctoral (PhD) Practice-Based Research Programme in Creative Technologies


The primary focus of doctoral education in Practice-Based Research (PbR) is to create opportunities for artists, performers, sculptors, video makers, photographers, programmers, digital media creators, software developers, game designers, professionals etc., to discover and share formal knowledge by thinking in, through, and with their practice.


A basic principle of PbR is that not only is practice embedded in the research process but research questions arise from the process of practice, the answers to which are directed toward enlightening and enhancing practice. The results of practice, often artefacts (in the broadest sense), and/or the documentation of them, often form key research outputs (the thesis). The attraction of this form of research for practitioners/ professionals is that by connecting closely to existing practice, it provides a means of exploration that extends that work in a personal sense as well as contributing to the wider picture.


Creating new works (in the broadest sense) is at the centre of all activities in this programme. These will be positioned at the intersection of creativity and a research-oriented program of study requiring a substantial commitment to graduate-level study and reflection. Formal knowledge of such practice is generated through a rigorous process of evaluation and reflection from the experience of the practice. As such doctoral level knowledge in PbR is usually set in a specific context, yet it should also reach beyond the particular cases in order to contribute to knowledge in the round.


A particular strength of the Doctoral Practice-Based Research Programme is to support practitioners at the intersection of the Creative and Digital Practice and to pioneer lasting innovations on which future artists and scholars can build.


If you wish to apply for the Doctoral (PhD) Practice-Based Research Programme then please contact Prof Craig Vear 


See the Doctoral College for application procedures 


For information about scholarships visit 

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