Immersive Realities Research Group


Immersive Realities Research Group explores emerging technologies and practices that are shaping new creative experiences in our digital world, Our work encompasses creative, practice-based and theoretical research in areas such as:

- 360˚ video


- surround and binaural sound

- computer environments 

- generative and AI-driven environments

- mixed-reality 

- smart and mobile media

- immersive story-telling

- post-human experience

The group works on independent research investigations, consultation and funded projects with the creative industries including: Royal Shakespeare Company, Motion Leap, Unreal, British Library, Royal Festival Hall, Chicago Humanities Festival

Contact - 

Director - Sarah Jones 


Sophy Smith

Craig Vear


Stacie-Lee Bennett-Worth
Stacie is a dance artist and filmmaker with a portfolio of interdisciplinary projects spanning fields of choreography, visual arts and creative research. Currently a PhD candidate at De Montfort University, Stacie is investigating the role of digital creativity in performing arts education and its potential to drive innovation and deeper exploration in performance.
Dale Robertson
Dale Robertson's own practice has continued throughout his time as a Lecturer and has seen him develop his work towards digital outcomes. Dale's interest in site-specific art works led him to start a PhD at De Montfort University to continue where his Master of Philosophy studies in Public art and Design stopped.
Teodora kuzmanova
Teodora is a professional artist designer, technologist and expert user of a wide range of software applications for both 2D and 3D design and development. Her practical work on projects covers the areas of 3D modelling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging, CG lighting and animation, holography and 3D imaging and displays, digital media design and creation of visual effects.
James Cull
James is a practitioner and researcher working in the areas of mixed reality performance, A.I. ,digital game design, exploring the use of game A.I. in performance, and analysing participant experience. He is interested in the digital space as a shared performance space for both performer and A.I. controlled performers/participants, with a particular focus on post-human experience.
Joe Moran
Joe Moran is a visual artist and researcher working with Light as a primary medium, exploring the contradictions of a material that exists in a space yet has no physical form to speak of.
Alice Tuppen
Alice's artistic practice explored notions of intimacy, identity and communication. Interactive technologies connect video, performance and sculptural artworks in specific locations navigating through mediated, actual, and imagined landscapes. The work assumes a dialogical space, positioning the audience, artist and artworks as both participants and observers, poised somewhere between immersion, and more conscious, knowing states.
Jethro Shell
Jethro’s PhD was focused on sparse data environments where the ability to gain labelled data is initially either extremely difficult or impossible. To address these issues he constructed a framework that combined a fuzzy logic representation of the data with a transductive transfer learning approach. The research interests of Dr Shell are focused around the application of Computational intelligence, computer game AI, Transfer learning, dynamic content generation, Media applications, VR.
Craig Vear
Craig has established himself as an internationally recognised composer of experimental music with technology, and recently as a scholar of digital performance and music. He is interested in intermedia composition, digital opera, sound theatre, experimental composition, interdisciplinary music and A.I. embedded in software generating scores.
David Hughes
David is a practitioner and researcher working as a technical instructor for Performing Arts and Events at De Montfort University
Kerryn Wise
Kerryn Wise is a movement-based artist, researcher and performer making work across dance, physical theatre, contemporary performance and digital technologies. Her performance practice explores the relationship between the live and digital body through choreography and the visual layering of images; she is interested in interrogating the audience/spectator relationship and how virtual environments can affect audience perception.
Dave Paget
Dave Paget’s main areas of interest and expertise are the production side of 3D technologies, their applications, and the ways in which they may be exploited. These areas include 3D&CGI, photogrammetry, motion capture and tracking systems, 3d scanning and capture, and he also has interest in the display of 3D and its potential for interactivity
Craig Barton
Craig is a senior Desktop Analyst at De Montfort University. His industry knowledge includes digital photography, rapid prototyping, print management,
wide format printing, 3D printing, CAD.
Peter Hutchinson
Experienced Media Producer and Theatre Technician with a demonstrated history of working in the performing arts industries. Skilled in photography, audio post production, videography, editing, lighting, sound and new technologies. Strong arts and design professional with a Media Production BSc (Hons) focused in Media, audio and video production from De Montfort University.
Craig Mooney
Craig Mooney is a full time lecturer at De Montfort University. His industry knowledge surrounds concept design, character animation, UV mapping, digital painting, 3D modelling, game development
Katarina Stromsvag
Katarina is a 3D/2D artist specialising in stylised character and environment art.
Salim Hasshu
Salim Hasshu is a PhD Research Student at De Montfort University. He had gained a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Software Engineering
Craig Appleby
Craig is a practitioner and researcher working as a technician for Performing Arts and Events at De Montfort University
Dan Glover
Dan specialises in computer animation and 3D modelling.
Paul Harmer
Paul Harmer is a senior Video Technician at De Montfort University. His skills include digital compositing, green screen, location lighting and studio design.
Ben Harbisher
Ben is a senior lecturer and course leader for the media production VFX BSc at De Montfort University
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