Introduction to Creative AI


14 - 18 September 2020



Objectives of this course

The aim of this course is to develop innovative creative practices using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This course will teach students the basics of AI and ML programming using the JavaScript language and apply these skills to a range of creative projects. It is essential that delegates have intermediate coding experience and an existing creative practice.

Structure and course content

This course will be delivered as a series of classroom sessions each exploring a new type of creative coding through a small project. This course is hands-on and deliberately experimental to develop the creative algorithmic thinking needed in the dynamic world of AI. The learning is split into two strands: skill building (morning session) were the delegate will learn the basics of the JavaScript programming in P5 and ML5 libraries. The second strand supports this by exploring different AI and ML creativity through a series of small creative projects. Through the course the delegate will be introduced to topics such as creativity and computers, basics of object programming, algorithmic thinking and creativity, randomness and intelligence in art as code and object recognition, prediction, and neural networks in machine learning.


Indicative programme

Morning session - 10am-1pm 

Lunch Break - 1pm-2pm

Afternoon session - 2pm-5pm

Day 1 

  • Group introduction and orientation; 

  • Skill building 1: Introduction to programming environments P5 and ML5

  • Creative Practice 1 – Cybernetic systems and symbolic AI

Day 2 

  • Skill building 2 - programming P5 and ML5

  • Creative Practice 2 – Prediction

Day 3 

  • Skill building 3 - programming P5 and ML5

  • Creative Practice 3 – Object recognition

Day 4 

  • Skill building 4 - programming P5 and ML5

  • Creative Practice 4 – Neural Networks

Day 5 

  • Debugging self-defined project

  • Group sharing of self-defined creative project


The IoCT has state-of-the-art facilities to support innovation in creative technology research and practice. This includes dedicated laboratory space and a Creative AI studio alongside access to MoCap and media studios across the faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media and the University as a whole.


The delegate will need to provide a laptop with the required open source software installed in advance of the start of the course. There is no provision to support a delegate without a laptop computer.



The cost of this course includes the teaching and relevant course materials. Lunch or additional activities are not included.

Student (University ID required) - £45

Self-employed creative or technologist - £145

Employed professional - £650