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The Creative Technologists in Residence scheme in the Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT) at De Montfort University offers Creative Technologists an opportunity for a concentrated period of original research and development supported by the Institute.


The term Creative Technologist encompasses anyone making, building, designing, developing in a creative way through or with technology. This can include artists, architects, coders, dancers, designers, engineers, hackers, musicians, sculptors etc. across many disciplines and interdisciplinary practices.

Each year we will host 4 residences for a period of 6 months each, within which the Creative Technologists will have access to the facilities in the IoCT. This will include access to laboratory space, technical support, staff consultations, and the body of student and post-grad researchers (were appropriate and available). The scheme is designed for creative technologists to be autonomous with an original project, but to have an opportunity to engage with the culture and community of IoCT. Please note there is no funding available for any aspect of this residency.

The offer:

-       Free access to the facilities in the IoCT (nominally 100 hours within normal working hours of the building / DMU)

-       Dedicated space inside the IoCT laboratory when free

-       Help and support from the community of staff, researchers and students of IoCT were available

-       Become a research fellow of the IoCT with access to the library and other spaces around the university

The resident Creative Technologists will

-       Conduct a programme of original research and development that advances IoCT’s vision and pushes cultural horizons            (visit www.ioct.co.uk for more info)

-       Contribute to the research environment of the IoCT through engagement with the taught and research programmes                (limited to no more than three unpaid 'sessions' during their residency)

-       Commit to developing a follow-on funding bid involving the IoCT in some way (e.g. PhD scholarship, Arts Council grant,            research fellowship)

-       Contribute to an IoCT ongoing research project investigating how Creative Technologists make practice-based work                with creative technology

-       Abide by the codes of conduct of De Montfort University in their capacity as a research fellow.

Entry requirements

  *   A professional practicing Creative Technologist with demonstrable experience as a professional in your chosen topic for         over 1 year

  *   Standard English language requirements

  *   Able to conduct the residency in the timeframe stated on this form

Residencies will be awarded on the basis of the overall strength of the expression of interest and an interview.


Email - cvear@dmu.ac.uk for an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST application form.