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Institute of Creative Technologies Summer School in Creative Coding

September 2020

Learn introductory programming from a creative perspective


The Institute of Creative Technologies (IoCT) Summer School in Creative Coding offers three courses that introduce various stages of learning creatively with code. 


As coding and AI are becoming more pervasive and essential parts of our lives, understanding coding and creativity are now core skills with which to negotiate and succeed in the contemporary world. Learning to program is no longer just for computer specialists, and people from many different backgrounds now want to understand and be creative with code. 


These Summer School courses will cover topics such as: 

  • Creativity and computers

  • Basics of programming

  • Algorithmic thinking and creativity

  • Software design and development methods

  • Flow design and the creative process 

  • Digital patterns and interaction

  • Clean, clear and open code (#annotations)

  • Colour, image, sound

  • Randomness and variation in art as code 

  • Cybernetic evolution and ecosystems 

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning


Who are the courses for?

These courses are open to anyone wishing to learn how to use code to make, build, design, and develop in a creative way through or with technology. This makes them ideal for artists, architects, dancers, designers, engineers, hackers, musicians, and sculptors from undergraduate students to researchers, self-employed artists and professionals wishing to upskill. No prior coding experience is necessary for the introductory course.

Course 1 - Introduction to Creative Coding (click to link)

Course 2 - Introduction to Coding for Artists (click to link)

Course 3 - Introduction to Creative AI (click to link)

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